MS Kenora

The City of Kenora

The city of Kenora is located on beautiful Lake of the Woods and is known for its natural beauty and outdoor splendour. The western gateway to the province of Ontario. Kenora is located 2 hours east of Winnipeg Manitoba and 5 hours west of Thunder Bay Ontario. As a year round tourist destination, the estimated annual number of visitors to the area is more than 800,000… quite an accomplishment for a city of only 16,000 residents.

Kenora has an opulent historic background that makes it a natural tourist destination. Kenora was settled in the late 1800’s as a fur trading post and grew quite dramatically after the induction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Trapping, mining and forestry have all played a large role in the cities development and have helped create what some call the ‘gem of the north’.

Lake of the Woods

Lake of the Woods is Ontario’s second largest inland lake. It borders on the U.S. state of Minnesota and the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, although two thirds of its 1,465 square miles of water lies within Ontario. The lake has 65,000 miles of shoreline and more than 14,600 islands with huge forests and granite hills surrounding the shoreline.

The lake encompasses over 1.5 million acres and edges villages, small cities and pristine wilderness. The urban areas from within the region vary from resort communities, government centres and villages where wood is king.

Lake of the Woods is truly a natural wonder. If you are ever in the area, please make a point of getting out on the lake…. you won’t regret it!

Area Attractions

Located in the midst of the Canadian Shield, the Lake of the Woods area is one big expanse of boreal forest and has literally thousands of smaller lakes and streams for you to enjoy. This natural beauty lends itself to great Outdoor & Adventure Travel activities. Sailing, power boating, water skiing and canoeing are just a few examples of water activities available.

Rushing River Provincial Park and several other private campgrounds are available to accommodate almost all shapes and sizes of RV’s – all in the pristine wilderness setting of Northwestern Ontario.

Other activities available include rock climbing, scuba diving, off-road mountain biking and hiking. Nature lovers can enjoy a wide range of wildlife.

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